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    BRIGHTNET ENGINEERING company founded in 2003. The main activity of BRIGHTNET ENGINEERING is design and construction of building systems . Thanks to the coordinated work of our designers and engineers , we are able to offer our customers a quality product.
    more than
    highly qualified staff
    trained by the manufacturer
    of equipment
    more than
    successfully completed
    project management
    Active participation in the
    implementation of government orders
    across Russia
    The necessary
    material and technical basis

    power network

    • Electrical and lighting - internal networks
    • External low-voltage and high-voltage cable networks
    • Construction of transformer substations
    • Street lighting
    • Overhead power lines
    • Architectural lighting of buildings
    • Alternative power systems (diesel generators, gas power plants , etc.)
    • Lightning protection and grounding
    • Systems of uninterrupted and continuous supply
    • Energy audit and the thermal imaging inspection of electrical equipment
    General designing and
    designing of engineering systems
    • General designing of stage P
    • General designing of stage R
    • Designing a complete complex of engineering systems
    • Support in the course of inspection, obtaining a positive conclusion of the inspection
    • Coordination of projects in Rostekhnadzor, MOEK, Energosbyte, GUIS, MGRS
    Low-voltage networks,
    security systems
    • Structured cabling systems, fiber-optic communication lines
    • Telephone system
    • Multimedia Systems (video conferencing, video wall, audio subsystem, conference system, simultaneous translation)
    • Access control
    • CCTV
    • Perimeter security systems
    • Alarm systems
    • Systems of collective reception of TV
    • Installation of radio systems
    • System master clock
    Fire safety systems
    • The development of the MRP and the TSA
    • Automatic fire alarm system
    • Voice alarm systems , evacuation management and music broadcasting
    • Automatic fire-extinguishing system (sprinkler, gas, powder) and fire water
    • Smoke ventilation systems
    • Fire-prevention automatics
    Mechanical systems
    • Heating and ventilation
    • Air conditioning and refrigeration
    • Water supply and sewerage
    • Individual heat points

    Systems of automation
    and dispatching
    • Systems of automation and dispatching of engineering systems
    • Commercial accounting systems for consumed resources
    • Automation of boiler houses, ITP, TSCP
    • Automation systems for hotels
    Data transfer networks
    • Local and distributed corporate networks
    • Local and distributed wireless networks
    • Digital Telephone Networks
    • Dedicated and multi-service networks
    • Network for videoconferencing
    • Virtual private network and information security
    • Complex supply of equipment
    • Setting, monitoring and maintenance of active network equipment
    • A survey and analysis of existing SAP
    Head office
    Moscow, Promyshlennaya ul, 11c3
    +7 495 231-2702 (multichannel)
    Additional office "South"
    Krasnodar, Prospect Chekistov 12